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About Us

The Stevenson Downtown Association is a diverse coalition of local business owners, public officials and community leaders.  We hope you'll join us as we strive to better Downtown Stevenson


Joe Schlick

Joe Schlick is a founding member of the SDA and community leader. One of the leaders of the "free wifi" project, Joe is committed to bringing out the best in Stevenson. 

Vice President

Chris Malone

Chris Malone is a founding member of the SDA, a leader in the local business community and owner of ProActive Pest Control in Carson, WA. He was voted Member of the Year by the Chamber of Commerce in 2018.


Carly McKee

Carly McKee is a owner at El Rio Mexican Cafe and a founding member of the SDA. She believes in making downtown a more kid friendly environment by supporting family friendly  events.


Jim Fenstermaker

Jim joined the SDA in the winter of 2018 to give back to Stevenson. A retired CPA and Army Officer, Jim brings great organizational skills and deep financial knowledge to the SDA. An avid traveler and ham radio enthusiast, you can find Jim chatting with other hams across the globe or biking with his wife Shirley on the weekends. 

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Leana Kinley, Stevenson City Administrator

Leana joined us in September of 2017 and currently serves in the Organization Committee. Olympic level multi-tasker, mother, organizational sensai and sometimes remodeler, Leana is everywhere-seemingly at the same time.  


Bob Hamlin, County Commisioner

An avid outdoorsman and retired "board head", Bob has served as a commissioner in Skamania for almost eight years. 

Ex Officio

Pat Albaugh, Port of Skamania Executive Director

An indomitable cyclist, Pat has over 30 years experience with Ports across the Pacific Northwest. Community. On weekends you may find him frozen to his bicycle or at Walking Man having a beer. 

Ex Officio

Kari Fagerness, Economic Development Council Executive Director

Kari brings her deep knowledge of the economic market in Skamania County to enhance our boards ability to provide and access services that are tailored to our community's needs. On the weekend you can find her at the community pool with her family.  

Ex Officio

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We Want You!

We are missing out without you on board. Join us for a meeting or call to discuss what role you can play in Stevenson Downtown Association. From committee chair or member to event volunteer or even board member, we've got a place for you in the Stevenson Downtown Association. 

Scott Anderson

Scott Anderson is the Mayor of Stevenson and a founding member of the SDA.  On Sunday mornings you can find him down at the Eagles Lodge cooking up some mean pancakes. Scott served as President of the SDA in 2017

Chris Kellogg

Chris Kellogg is a founding member of the SDA and owner of Clark & Lewie's. He is a proud father and  a stalwart promoter of Stevenson.

Casey Roeder

Casey is a founding member of the SDA and Executive Director at the Skamania Chamber of Commerce. She is a walking encyclopedia of recreational options in the gorge and serves on the Promotion Committee.  

Ben Shumaker

Ben Shumaker is the Director of Planing at the City of Stevenson and the Chair of our Economic Vitality Committee. World traveler and community advocate, Ben does not make shoes. 

Tabatha Wiggins

Tabatha is a community leader and owner at Walkingman Brew Pub.  Thoughtful and determined, Tabatha is an advocate for the waterfront, local music and great beer.

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