Our Mission

 To enhance downtown Stevenson by fostering economic prosperity, historic preservation, and connection to the Columbia River.

Our Vision

We envision a historically preserved, vibrant downtown where residents and tourists alike come together for community, culture and access to the Columbia River.


From the banks of the Columbia to the proposed plaza on Second Street, there are unique places to shop, eat, recreate and learn about our unique history. The plaza hosts a wide variety of opportunities for fellowship such as performances, festivals and a farmer’s market highlights the products, crafts and ingenuity of local residents.


These businesses, places and activities are supported by an involved citizenry who take pride in working together for the betterment of our community.

Our Goals

  • Develop community capacity for change making 

  • Enhance community cohesion by fostering people-centric public spaces

  • Foster a diverse economic ecology in downtown Stevenson 

  • Strengthen historic connections to the Columbia River waterfront

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