Plaid Friday


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The day after Thanksgiving, Plaid Friday's purpose is to celebrate and support small, independent businesses, as an alternative to Black Friday (which mostly focuses on big box stores). While Plaid Friday may have originated in Oakland, California, it has now spread to local towns across the country, aiming to transform holiday shopping into a more connected, pleasurable activity than Black Friday.

Twenty-three downtown merchants are participating in the first Plaid Friday, which the SDA’s volunteer promotion committee hopes will grow into a cherished tradition for the community. The tagline “Wear Plaid, Love Local” encourages everyone to wear plaid clothing to display downtown spirit, and more importantly, show love of local businesses by eating and dining downtown on November 26th.


Customers who support any of the 23 participants on Plaid Friday will receive a reusable #StevensonStrong plaid shopping bag. Many locations will also host drawings of prizes. 


People who use #StevensonPlaid when posting a photo on Facebook or Instagram (of wearing plaid and/or supporting businesses) will be entered into a drawing from the Stevenson Downtown Association.