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Stevenson Streatery


Thank you to the following artists for donating their time and talent to the 2024 Streatery Project! They painted their Streatery furniture with the theme "Gorge Water."

In October, all furniture pieces and flower pots will be auctioned off as a fundraiser for the Stevenson Downtown Association and projects like the Streatery!

Sarah Carpenter

I’m a local artist that grew up in the Columbia River Gorge. I was lucky enough to have found a home here in Stevenson, WA. Throughout high school and college I took a variety of art courses. This led me to a path in cake decorating. Over the years, I changed my profession and career paths several times. Recently I started dabbling with different mediums from; acrylic, to wood burning, painting on fabric, and currently experimenting with watercolor and ink. I enjoy making abstract art while still attempting a bit of realism in some of my pieces. I’m always interested in learning new techniques which allows me to alter and improve my artistic style. This year, I’m excited to be a part of the Streatery. I look forward to creating more art here in Stevenson, WA.

This piece is called "Moody"- Columbia River Gorge.
While I was in the process of painting this table I found myself fighting with the paint, it was drying fast and resisted blending. I kept reminding myself to breathe, let it be and it will come together. Although this piece is dreary and mysterious, I enjoy how it can pull you in like you're in the river. 


Sarah Carpenter small table.jpg

Dana Carvelli

Dana Carvelli was born in Queens NY and raised in Key Largo, Florida. She went to college in Atlanta at Ogelthorpe University and then to Creative Circus where she studied Art Direction. In her career she directed in NYC, Atlanta, Miami & Portland in the agencies of 40 acres & a Mule, Mad Dogs & Englishmen, Saatchi & Saatchi and Wieden + Kennedy. She left to care for her ailing Grandmother. When she came back to design she did so through interior design. She studied in Atlanta, got her degree and worked for Pineapple House Interior Design in the city for many years.  Dana moved from Atlanta to Home Valley, WA three years ago and while slowly adjusting to the winters, quickly grew to love the spectacular surroundings.

Dana Carvelli kids chair 1.jpg

Janice Crane

Janice Crane, a Cascade Locks-based artist, transforms canvas into captivating tales of the Pacific Northwest. Through large-scale acrylics and cozy fiber arts, she weaves narratives of nature's splendor and the region's rich history. Her pieces, adorned with scientific motifs and vibrant depictions of flora, fauna, and historical events, beckon viewers into immersive journeys through her mesmerizing world.

Janice Crane 2 top.jpg

Mindie Gum-Grivell

Born and raised in Washington State, I've been living in Skamania County for over 5 years now with this being my 2nd year participating in the Stevenson, WA Streatery project! I'm a self-taught artist experienced with both traditional and digital mediums. Most known for my colorful and wildly imaginative artworks, I enjoy painting and illustrating a variety of subject matters and my execution always results in a bright and uplifting piece of art! My paintings have been featured in galleries all over the US and I've also earned a handful of creative and entrepreneurship awards for my work. Aries Art NW is my independent studio and gallery business built around my personal passion to inspire creative self expression. In addition to doing this through my artworks, designs and merchandise collections; I also facilitate creative workshop experiences and events! I do this locally, virtually, and all over the US! I provide freelance Creative Director and Design services as well, and have worked with a variety of brands and organizations over the years including a handful of our local businesses. 

Mindie Gum-Grivel 4 top.jpg

Emily Joyce

Emily is an Artist and Stevenson local since 2017, full time since 2021. She enjoys living up here in the Gorge and spending time with her sweet Mom Joanie, and their pets. Art, acting, giving back, and hanging out with friends is how I like to fill up my life. Inspiration has always come from nature that surrounds me, the cute pets I have at home or sometimes petsit, and anything else that might catch my eye. My happy place is creating at home or with friends, listening to good music, and hanging out in the garden. I have more than five years experience in teaching paint & sips and soon hope to teach a few at CASS (Community Art Studio of Skamania) and other local businesses.

Emily Joyce chair.jpg

Madisen Kellogg

Madisen Kellogg was born in the Pacific Northwest growing up with a love for the elements. She spent the seasons camping, berry picking, mushroom hunting, skiing, hiking, all the classics of the Gorge. After graduating from Washington State, she worked at Maryhill Winery where she was blessed with the Columbia River always in sight. With a love for the PNW but a desire for the unknown, she spent a season of life traveling and studying in England, Scotland, and New Zealand, with a few stops in between. Switching from wine to coffee she spent the last five years in New York running a local shop but ultimately made it back to Washington where she currently works in the coffee industry.

Madison Kellogg chair.jpg

Jodeen Lowrie & Vicki Vance

Jodeen Lowrie and Vicki Vance are a mother & daughter team who teach the "Gorge Wine and Paint" classes. As a K-12 school teacher, Vicki taught art for her last 7 of 30 years. You can find her at

Jodeen does professional animal portraits and travels in her spare time. 

Vickie Vance & Jodeen Lowrie small table.jpg

Ashley Nalevanko

Ashley is an art educator and textile artist working mostly in fibers and clay. Her work is tactile and tangible, made for daily use. The Streatery project is an exciting project for her because it gives a chance for the everyday object of a picnic table to be adorned with art that showcases our community. Originally rooted in Central Pennsylvania, Ashley is heavily influenced by Americana Folk Art. 

Ashley Renfrew 2 top.jpg

Lisa Payson

I am an explorer whose childhood was spent outdoors, running and playing in the woods of the beautiful Pacific Northwest. My home and art studio borders Kanaka Creek, right here in Stevenson, Washington. Creating art has always been a lifelong passion and I am fortunate to receive daily inspiration,living in an area surrounded by dramatic, wild beauty at all times of the year, no matter the season. I enjoy making art with papier mâché sculptures, stained glass mosaics, copper jewelry and drawing intricately detailed pen-and-ink mandalas, but my deepest love and devotion goes to painting with oil paints and watercolors. I have really gotten into painting landscapes during the past year, as an attempt to try and portray the feelings I get when I am standing in a quiet, moss and fern filled forest next to huge, old growth trees and nurse logs. I don’t think I will ever capture it, but I will never grow tired of trying. I was thrilled to learn this year’s Streatery Theme was “Gorge Water” and once I saw the round table shape, I knew I wanted to make a mandala design. It is an honor to share my interpretation of this year’s theme with locals and visitors to our beautiful community.

Lisa Payson coffee table.jpg

Correna Smith

I grew up both in Southern California and Washington as a kid. I am a proud mother and grandmother.  I am a mostly self taught artist that enjoys all forms of creative expression and have been creating art since 2010. I enjoy creating in all forms from painting, photography, dance, storytelling, acting, woodworking, collage, or in the garden. I am a Certified Creative Journal Expressive Arts Instructor and the founder of Be Love Today Creations. My motto in life is to Be Love Today. Assisting me on this project is my son Kyle Henderson.

Correna Smith chair.jpg

Jen Smith

Jen Smith Fine Art

Jen Smith is a contemporary wildlife artist working in charcoal. Her subject matter is the natural world. She is inspired by growing up in the Big Horn  Basin of Northern Wyoming. Jen works on custom cradled wood panels made by her husband.  Most of her work is black and white with color only occasionally finding its way in. Ravens, wild horses, wolves, skulls and nests are just a small sampling of the subjects she depicts. Jen and her artist husband Eli, enjoy an industrial style studio affectionately named “Fire Cache Studios” snuggled right up against the Gifford Pinchot National Forest, in Stabler, WA. 

Jen Smith kids picnic table.jpg

Kate Vincent

K.R.Vincent Arts


I am an artist based wherever I travel to, but for now in the PNW Gorge area. My primary mediums are painting, sculpting, and woodworking but I also love to create through welding, glass, pottery, and diorama miniatures. I have always been in love with the surrounding nature and animal life. I became a wildlife rehabilitator in 2022, so I am lucky enough to get up close and personal to help the wildlife around. If I am not creating and learning new processes, I am usually running around the woods, breathing in the curious marvels of the forest. I find my inspiration to recreate from what I encounter and oftentimes use hybridity or surrealism in my work to showcase evolutionary bonding and growth as habitats become blended. I received my BFA from Whitecliffe university in Auckland NZ, and continued studies at MHCC for sculpture and painting. I spend a lot of quiet time observing, which is how I am able to access my senses to view colors, shapes, sounds, and touch into my work. I moved to Stevenson three years ago with my wonderful daughter and our 2 dogs and feel very excited and honored to be a part of this community and talented artists.

Kate Vincent 4 top.jpg

Candi Whitehead

Candi was born and raised in Skamania County but moved away directly after High School and lived and worked from Portland, Oregon to the Seattle area for many years. She has a lifelong passion for art and creativity and balanced her attention between Administrative employment and commission/freelance art work. The year 2010 brought Candi home to Stevenson. Experiencing the Columbia Gorge as an adult has offered a new love of the community and deep appreciation for the nature we share.

Candi Whitehead.jpg

SHS Team Chair 1

Painted by Stevenson High School Students Zaida Smith and Mackenzie Lueders.

SHS students Zaida Smith and Mackenzie Lueders.jpg

SHS Team Chair 2

Painted by Stevenson High School Students Axel Raymond and Haily Parra.

Axel Raymond and Haily Parra.jpg

SHS Team Table

Painted by Stevenson High School Students Tippen Adams, Natalie Fritz and Jewel Waymire.

SHS Tippen Adams, Natalie Fritz, Jewel Waymire.jpg

Tricia Cole

No bio submitted

Tricia Cole 2 top.jpg

Lori Hunter

No bio submitted

Lori Hunter chair.jpg
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