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Stevenson Streatery


Tricia Cole

I have been an artist my entire life, but as an adult it got pushed to the backburner while I focused on raising my kids. A few years ago I decided to try painting as a way to raise funds to fly my family to watch my oldest graduate Basic Training. I didn't plan to continue painting after our trip but I fell in love with it and couldn't stop. 
  I grew up playing in the woods and swimming in the river here in The Gorge and still love the outdoors. That has had a big influence on my art. Mountains, trees, rivers falls... painting anything in nature is my favorite. I paint with acrylic on wood planks.

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Lori Hunter

Lori Hunter is a watercolor painter located in Washington State. She is a wife, mother, dog mom and loves spending her days in retirement painting and tending to her home and garden. Lori spent her career as a nurse and always enjoyed art and found ways to be creative in her everyday life. In 2001, she and her family moved to Minnesota, where she took her first watercolor painting class and continued weekly classes for years. She honed her skill with painting workshops by some of her other favorite artists, Don Andres, Cheng-Khee Chee, Michelin Otin, Irene Howe and Frank Zeller. Lori has always been inspired by her favorite artist, John Ebner. In 2015, Lori retired from her nursing career and moved back to the Pacific Northwest. With more time to paint, she found her niche in painting landscapes, grape leaves and pet portraits for friends and family. Today, she teaches local painting classes and enjoys painting the incredible landscapes that surround her in the Columbia River Gorge. 


Dawn Nielson

I am an artist living and creating in Stevenson, Washington at Kamanė Studio. My art practice is nurtured by the aggregate surroundings of the forest that envelope me with an influence of physiology and neuroscience. I recognize deciduous tree branches visually mimicking neural connections in the brain. I sense the cadence of precipitation as it impersonates heartbeats and other physiological vibrations that run through the human body.

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Olive Pancy

Since moving to the Columbia Gorge two years ago, I have become fascinated with the concept of foraging for edible plants in the tradition of the local native tribes. When given the theme of "floral" for this project, I was quickly drawn to the idea of showcasing the local wildflowers and other natural life that can provide us with sustenance. From the beloved huckleberry to your backyard deadnettle, there is beauty -- and deliciousness -- in what the earth provides.


Lisa Payson

I am an explorer whose childhood was spent outdoors, adventuring and playing in the woods of the beautiful Pacific Northwest. My home and art studio borders Kanaka Creek, here in Stevenson, WA. I am pretty much constantly in motion, creating with several mediums including oil paints, watercolors, pastels and encaustics (melted wax). I am also a papier mâché sculptor and stained glass mosaic artist. I chose the tropical hibiscus as my theme in honor of my mother, and tried to capture the joy and lightness that I feel whenever I’m outside, surrounded by nature. 

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Kim Puckett

Born and raised in the Pacific Northwest, Kim graduated from Lewis and Clark College in Portland, Oregon with a Master of Education in Early Intervention and Early Childhood Special Education. Kim fell in love with The Gorge when she and her husband, Brian, bought a tiny vacation cabin in the upper hills above Lyle near Appleton in 2011. Through both good and unfortunate circumstances Kim, Brian and pets moved from Milwaukie, Oregon to the Skamania area permanently in 2016. Kim currently lives in Skamania with her husband Brian, BIG Bernese Mountain Dog Wilson and three cats, Digit, Auggie and Mazy. She enjoys learning about many types of art and craft and loves to share her passion, learning and supplies with others. In November 2021 she and her husband purchased a step van and in 2022 they started Community Art Studio of Skamania and CASS Mobile Art. CASS provides repurposed and free art supplies and free/low cost art making opportunities to Skamania community and surrounding area.


Rachel Szewczuk

Meet Rachel, The Rainbow, Stylo, Roo-check- some of the many artist names that have been around since Rachel began creating art at 5. Her work carries a childlike, whimsical feeling that automatically invites you in, colors that are bright bold and highly contrasted, imagery that flows, screaming passion and words and phrases that give hope and luster to living. Her current work is mixed media collage, watercolor and oils - all embracing the beauty of both PNW and Hawaii. Rachel is a Philadelphia born artist, muralist, art educator and art/expressive therapist. Rachel has a BFA in Painting, Art Education and minor in Community Mural Arts. She obtained a MA in Art/Expressive Therapy and Mental Health Counseling. Working in Anti human trafficking, School Counseling, Prison Psychiatric Units, and private practice. Rachel traveled to India and Nepal and is also a Sound Therapy Practitioner, playing Tibetan Singing bowls handed crafted in Tibet. STYLO currently works as a floral designer, sound therapy practitioner and a private hiking guide in the area.

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Jennifer Hays

I am native to the Columbia River Gorge as I was born and raised in North Bonneville, (the last baby born in the old town off Bonneville before it was relocated and flooded), and Stevenson High School graduate of class 1996. I got into Spray Paint art when I looked up how to paint flames for my old rusted riding lawn mower 3 years ago. I watched street performers do amazing art and fell in love with it. I have been addicted ever since. My art is on Pinterest and Facebook. I was honored to win 3rd place in the Artists of the Gorge 2020 with my Bridge of the Gods Lightning piece. 


Jewel Waymire


Tyla Smith


Liberty Anderson


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