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The Stevenson Art Club was created in April 2021. It is a student-led collective, where the students of Stevenson can relax and express themselves through art! The Art Club is hosted in the Stevenson Art Room every Monday and Thursday from 3:35 to 4:30. So far, it consists of five girls and hopefully in the future, the club will expand.



Creativity has no limits! We designed our table on Life and Death in a Groovy and Colorful way. With the help of multiple brushes and colorful paints, Stevenson Art Club proudly presents our picnic table!



Olive Pancy is a Michigan native who moved to the beautiful Columbia Gorge in summer 2020. They are primarily a teacher, instructing classes in instrumental music and art at Stevenson High School and Wind River Middle School. Outside of work, they are a commissioned artist specializing in acrylic paintings and linocut prints, regularly streaming their process on Twitch. You can find more info about Olive and their work at


Artist Statement:

Every day I find myself blown away by the beauty of the Columbia Gorge. Landscapes and skies are some of my favorite things to depict in my art, making the famous Beacon Rock a perfect subject for this piece. Once I had my general idea planned out, I found that I couldn't decide what time of day to show -- the Gorge is lovely in so many different ways throughout day's changes in lighting! The plank surface of the picnic table quickly provided inspiration as I realized I didn't need to choose just one, and thus this piece was born.



I am a painter and sculptor creating at Kamanė Studio on my property in Stevenson, WA. My art practice is nurtured by my belief that all human beings have their own biological, psychological and sociological cocktail that makes them who they are. Stitching metal wire into melted stratums of encaustic wax are key elements of my work. I correlate the action of working with these materials and their optics to the human psyche. All are layered, sometimes cloudy and fused as an effort to close up, heal or just keep it all together. My education includes a BA in General Fine Arts from Pacific Northwest College of Art (aka PNCA in Portland, OR) and a minor in psychology with a focus in art therapy from Marylhurst University.


Visit to view my work and learn more about my art practice and upcoming Kamanė Studio creative retreats and events.



I am an explorer whose childhood was spent outdoors, running and playing in the woods of the beautiful Pacific Northwest.

My home and art studio borders Kanaka Creek, here in Stevenson, WA. I am drawn to loosely impressionistic compositions. Music is my constant muse. I rarely plan my pieces very far in advance, as I prefer to play; riffing off of natural textures and patterns, and "seeing what emerges." I paint with several mediums including oils, watercolor and encaustic (melted wax). I am also a papier mâché sculptor and stained glass mosaic artist.

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Vicki Vance is a commercially-trained and college-educated artist who paints mainly in acrylics and focuses on Columbia Gorge landscapes and wildlife. She taught art in the schools for many years and now promotes local "Gorge Wine and Paint" classes with her daughter, Jodeen Lowrie.



FaceBook page: Vicki Vance - Artist



I am a native here in the Columbia River Gorge as I was born and raised in North Bonneville, (the last baby born in the old town off Bonneville before it was relocated and flooded), and Stevenson High School graduate of class 1996. I got into Spray Paint art when I looked up how to paint flames for my old rusted riding lawn mower 3 years ago. I watched street performers do amazing art and fell in love with it. I have been addicted ever since. My art is on Pinterest and Facebook. I was honored to win 3rd place in the Artists of the Gorge 2020 with my Bridge of the Gods Lightning piece. I again felt honored to participate in decorating a table for you to enjoy while visiting, I hope you like it!