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A Walkable Downtown

During the SDA 2018 Strategic Planning Retreat, the Board identified improving the pedestrian experience of the downtown core  and waterfront their priority goal for 2018. 


Simply put; how does it feel to walk around Stevenson? Where do people think downtown ends vs. where does it actually end? Can we employ vacant or seasonally vacant  properties to provide an interesting incentive for people to continue to explore our town? What would it be like if we enjoyed the walk from available parking spaces to our final destination?

A primary solution to these questions will be a self guided walking tour through Stevenson featuring temporary murals that recreate or reinterpret historic ads or graphics specific to our community's unique history. Murals will be accompanied by a website address or bar-code that directs users to an online bank of oral histories recorded by local residents. The first planned mural will be a recreation of the 1950's wildfire prevention campaign "Keep Skamania Green" and we will be recruiting local story tellers with memories or experiences of events surrounding fighting, surviving, or recovering from wildfire.

To succeed in this program, we'll need support from community members with skills and resources including:

  • Story Telling

  • Calligraphy and painting

  • Audio Recording 

  • Studio Spaces

  • Property Owners/Mural Hosts

  • Ephemera from historic local businesses or events

To join our newsletter and hear more about how you can get involved email us at

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