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Bricks & Clicks Grant Program Opens for 2021

Up to $1,000 Awarded to Downtown Businesses to Upgrade Facades or E-Commerce

The Stevenson Downtown Association is now accepting applications for their 2021 Bricks & Clicks Grant Program at

“We received great feedback from our 2020 Bricks & Clicks Grant Program, and so our Board knew we needed to open it up again in 2021 to continue to support downtown recovery,” says Executive Director Kelly O’Malley-McKee. “Our Economic Vitality Committee will award up to $1,000 per approved project in hopes of taking some of the sting our local businesses are still experiencing from the pandemic.”

Bricks & Clicks grants encourage business expansion -- and more importantly business retention -- by providing resources to downtown merchants and property owners to help with facade improvements or e-commerce solutions.

In 2020, the Stevenson Downtown Association directly invested $15,405 in downtown businesses and properties for a total of 16 grants distributed:

  • 240 1st Street LLC - exterior paint improvements

  • Artbliss Hotel - exterior signage and landscaping

  • Big River Grill - e-commerce upgrades

  • Bigfoot Coffee Roasters - exterior paint and lighting

  • Bloomsbury Flower Shop - new signage boards

  • Chamber of Commerce - online membership solutions

  • Clark & Lewie’s - outdoor dining improvements

  • Columbia Hardware, Inc. - walkway improvements

  • El Rio Texicantina - outdoor dining expansion

  • Granny’s Gedunk - new awning

  • La Casa De Sabor - exterior lighting enhancements

  • Moon River - window arbors

  • Out on a Limb - e-commerce solutions

  • River House Gallery - landscape improvements

  • Skamania Chiropractic and Rehabilitation - stair railing addition

  • Walking Man Brewing - outdoor dining enhancements

“The highlight of my first year at the downtown association was witnessing sheer delight and relief when handing out these grant checks to folks,” says O’Malley-McKee. “I was giddy carrying around my big fake check and felt kind of like Oprah: ‘YOU get a thousand dollars and YOU get a thousand dollars!’” laughs O’Malley-McKee, who adds that most of her job is to be attentive to the positives.

Funding for the Bricks & Clicks Program, as well as other downtown association initiatives is provided by public and private contributions, including the Washington Main Street Tax Incentive Program, city tourism taxes, grants, and individual tax-deductible contributions. Donations at support the Stevenson Downtown Association’s vision of “a historically preserved, economically vibrant downtown where locals and visitors alike come together for community, culture and connection to the Columbia River.”

The Stevenson Downtown Association is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization, affiliated with both Washington Main Street and Main Street America. This coalition of local business owners, public officials and community leaders works to promote and revitalize Downtown Stevenson and enrich our local heritage. More at


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